Rudolf Brazda (1913-2011)

Born in Saxony to Czech parents, Rudolf Brazda was not 20 years old when the Nazis came to power. Beginning in 1935, he and his friends were involved in several investigations for violations of §175. After trial and conviction in 1937, Rudolf was deported to the Sudetenland, shortly before the annexation of this province by Germany.

Arrested again, tried and imprisoned, he is then interned for recidivism at the concentration camp of Buchenwald where he is marked with the pink triangle. Once released, he followed an Alsatian prisoner, settled in Mulhouse where he worked as a roofer and met Edi, his companion for fifty-three years.

In 2008, he went out of silence to testify to his experiences and the persecutions of the Hitler regime. Brazda is then the last known survivor deported specifically for homosexuality.


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